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Our Events

Our Events

  • Free Prom and Graduation Dress Giveaway

    Giving low income girls a free dress to prom or their graduation along with shoes, makeup, and accessories

  • Center on Halsted Youth LGBTQ Coat and Clothing Giveaway Dinner

    Collecting coats, warm clothing, and hygiene products for homeless teens

  • Winter Scarf Making Event

    Getting ready for the hoildays by making homemade scarves for children in need

  • Baby Shower

    Our giant baby shower to show support to low income mothers who can shop for free on all of our baby items

  • Back to School Summer Kids Fest

    Details to come in the spring of 2016

  • Annual Holiday Christmas Party

    Showing kindness and love by providing a hot meal, warm clothing, and new toys to children

  • Free Coat and Clothing Giveaway

    Providing families in need with warm winter wear/coats

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